Bridal & Tuxedo World

Aurora Garibay has been working with flower arrangements and event decorating for many years, working in a Pájaro Valley Nursery in Watsonville and operating her own flower arranging business. In 2006 she had the opportunity to buy Tuxedo World, a retail business that sells dresses for fashion shows, weddings, proms, quinceañeras, communions and baptisms. She saw that combining her flower arranging business with Tuxedo World could help her to support events through decoration and by providing other event necessities.

Mrs. Garibay smiled at the thought of how much owning a business has changed her life. “I have more bills, I also have more freedom, I am practicing more English, and I know more people.” Aurore is learning English so that she can communicate more effectively with her customers. “The other day,” she told the story, “a woman came in and we were both struggling to communicate in English. Then we realized that we both spoke Spanish and came from the same place in Mexico. We laughed about it.”

Mrs. Garibay attended business workshops from the El Pájaro CDC in order to learn about business administration, business operations and financial management. “The classes gave me confidence to do normal financial management on a business level,” she said. At the time that Mrs. Garibay opened Tuxedo World she had only operated her flower business on a part-time basis. She utilized El Pájaro CDC’s business education and consulting to help her combine the two businesses. “The business classes gave me a point of view of the future and of what other opportunities were out there for me.”

Tuxedo World is in the midst of renovations. Mrs. Garibay and her brother, who is helping her with the business, have plans to remodel the inside by painting and rearranging. They plan to get new inventory and boost sales. Mrs. Garibay is happy that she was able to get help to open and run her business. “Thanks for the help from all the people at El Pájaro CDC,” she said.