Business Education and Loan Project

In 2007, El Pájaro CDC joined with the Community Foundation of Monterey County Women’s Fund to create the Women’s Business Education and Loan Program (WBELP). WBELP helps women business entrepreneurs to access services that will give them important education and technical assistance they need to start and operate their own business. WBELP offers business services to low-income women who are interested in launching and expanding their own business.

Why offer Business Training to Women Entrepreneurs?
Women business entrepreneurs face many obstacles when they decide to start their own business. Women entrepreneurs need to obtain assistance in understanding the business process and obtain necessary information to help them make the decision about whether or not they wish to start their own business. Once they do decide to start a business, women entrepreneurs need access to technical assistance so that they start and operate their business successfully and become economically self-sufficient.

How does this Program Help Women?
The extended business training course offered to women includes aspects of business education and training, and access to consulting and technical assistance that the El Pájaro CDC offers to small business entrepreneurs. The training includes business planning, financial management, and business marketing. This program goes a step beyond business training by facilitating access to financial support by establishing partnerships with financial institutions in Monterey and Santa Cruz County.

All of the 17 graduates of the first workshop in this program expressed excitement to apply what they have learned by moving forward with their business plans and creation. The program will continue to promote women’s economic equity and entrepreneurship by offering a training every year to a fresh group of women.

Impact of the Program

Supports Women Entrepreneurs
Supports Women to be self-sufficient