CalWORKS Microenterprise Assistance Program

El Pájaro CDC works in collaboration with the County of Santa Cruz to offer its business training and consulting services to CalWORKS participants who desire to become economically independent by starting their own business.

Why Offer The CalWORKs Microenterprise Assistance Program?
CalWORKS participants who are receiving welfare and social services from the County of Santa Cruz can choose to be retrained for a specific job or to take the 4 week business course offered by the El Pájaro CDC. Our program offers CalWORKs participants a choice in how they and their families can become financially sustainable.

How Does the Microenterprise Assistance Program Help?
The goal of the program is to help encourage self-employment and financial sustainability for CalWORKS participants. The program provides CalWORKs participants with choices by giving them the knowledge to start and operate their own self-sustaining business.

For CalWORKs Participants: If you are interested in participating in this program ask your CalWORKS social service provider for more details or call our office at (831) 722-1224.

Impact of the Microenterprise Assistance Program

-Financial sustainability for CalWORKs (welfare-to-work) participants
-Job Creation
-Job Retention