CamFlor, Inc.

Jose Campos came to the Pajaro Valley from Guadalajara, Mexico in 1980. When he arrived, his brother and his uncle found him a job at a local nursery, transplanting, watering and cutting flowers. After working four years in the nursery, Mr. Campos saw the opportunity to expand his horizons. He had plenty of free time after work and asked if he could rent a bit of the nursery’s land to grow his own flowers during this free time. ‘The operation was small at first,’ says Mr Campos. ‘They gave me 3 acres to plant flowers, and we established a partnership. After working during the day for the nursery, I worked on my own plot, planting flowers to sell them’.
Finally, in 1986 Mr. Campos left the nursery where he worked and started his own flower shop, today known as Camflor, Inc. His siblings and cousins helped him get the business up and running and now it’s a family operation. “Sometimes we bring flowers to Mexico when they are in season.’ His little round became a large nursery run by the family who now hires up to 80 employees. ‘We wholesale: sell cut flowers, wildflowers and some hothouse flowers, “explains Mr. Campos.

El Pájaro CDC became a resource when he needed a loan in 2006. ‘El Pájaro CDC helped me find a bank and get a loan. It continues helping by giving me information on important commercial developments, or on how to expand my business and improve it ‘. Mr. Campos has worked hard to grow his nursery and wants to ensure that this business continues to thrive. ‘I dream of improving in all aspects: getting better facilities to provide better customer service and continue to learn new techniques to improve service,” says Mr. Campos.

CamFlor now grows on 100-acres with 17 greenhouses, and has one of the most extensive offerings in the cut flower industry. With flowers and greens ranging from staple items like alstromeria and delphinium to zebra grass and hundreds of items in between, a discerning buyer need look no further.

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