Childcare Ventures Project

The program was founded as collaborative project providing social
assistance, education and business development assistance to family child care
providers. El Pájaro CDC acts as a partner providing microenterprise
development and offering business training and workshops at times that are
suitable for child care providers. El Pájaro CDC provides flexibility to meet the
needs business of child care providers providing training and consulting on
weekends and evenings.

Why technical assistance and training for child care

For child care providers, there is great need of business instruction, training and technical assistance. Often the business services do not take into account that child care providers are not receiving the same level of support that other types of businesses enjoy.

How does the Childcare Ventures Program help?

El Pájaro CDC promotes the sustainability of family
childcare businesses in collaboration with local organizations that offer other types of support to in Santa Cruz County under the Childcare Ventures Program. Child care providers contribute to the local economy through the creation of jobs, tax revenues and direct support to working parents. We contribute by helping small businesses child care providers in Watsonville to overcome barriers and limitations. Additional el Pájaro CDC supported the creation and sustainability of Watsonville Childcare Providers Association, an organization that supports
providers child care in Watsonville and adjacent areas. We provide the organization
help in strategic marketing and planning plus facilities where members can meet regularly.

Impact of the Childcare Ventures

-Support for small businesses providing family child
-care services
-Support working parents in need of quality child care
-Job creation
-Job retention