Del Sol Insurance

Elsa Nunez has a lot of experience in sales, marketing and public relations, which makes starting and owning her own business as an Insurance Broker at Del Sol Insurance in Watsonville both challenging and rewarding. Ms. Nunez is originally from San Jose, California. She moved to Mexico and lived there for 16 years before returning with her husband and children to California. Since her husband had worked for years as an Insurance Broker in Mexico, Ms. Nunez decided it would be a good business to start. She also noticed the lack of Insurance Brokers in the Watsonville area that serve the Latino, Spanish-speaking community.

Ms. Nunez’ business, Del Sol Insurance, specifically serves the Latino, Spanish-speaking community. She helps people to find the right kind of insurance for their particular needs. “I’m a broker: not an employee of companies,” she said. Ms. Nunez opened her business in Watsonville because of the particular needs of the community. “We service the Latino community and all of our publicity is in Spanish. We realized that 80 percent of the population is Spanish-speaking.” Since the work is seasonal she spends a lot of her time reaching out to this community, going out to the fields and handing out flyers advertising and promoting her business.

As Ms. Nunez was making plans to open Del Sol Insurance in Watsonville, she heard about the El Pájaro CDC’s services and the Plaza Vigil. “Every one had a smile, everyone was willing to help, everyone spoke Spanish, everything was so clean,” Ms. Nunez remembers her first few days visiting Watsonville. Ms. Nunez opened Del Sol Insurance in November 2007 and has taken several classes from the El Pájaro CDC since then, including the NX level. “It was an eye opener,” she said of the NX level workshop, “I wish everyone that is going to start a small business could do something like this. I would really suggest it.” She was also impressed with the encouragement she received from the other students in the class who own retail businesses in Plaza Vigil.

Ms. Nunez has great plans for her business and also for reaching out to the Latino, Spanish-speaking community. Her goal is to open one office a year wherever she can serve the Latino community. “I do plan to help our community in other ways also,” Ms. Nunez pledged, “People often lack the correct information.” Ms. Nunez seeks to give the Latino, Spanish-speaking community the correct information about insurance. “We really try to reach out to our customers,” Ms. Nunez said.

Del Sol Insurance @ Plaza Vigil 405 Union Street Watsonville