Gama Bakery

Alfonso Gama owns Gama’s Bakery which offers traditional Mexican breads, pastries, flans, cheesecakes, yogurts, and cakes for all occasions. Gama’s Bakery has become very popular in Watsonville and well known for its delicacies. Although Mr. Gama was new to the baking business when he first opened the Bakery, he set out to become a baking expert and make exceptional products for his customers. “My bread has something different,” Mr. Gama said, “I search for better recipes all the time. My bread lasts longer, has a little more salt and more moisture than regular breads offered at bakeries.”

Mr. Gama started out working in a very different career. He came to Watsonville from Guadalajara, Mexico on vacation and decided to stay. “My father came to work in the fields for ten months every year when I was a child,” Mr. Gama reminisced, “he didn’t want us to move here. But now, all the family has moved here. I came here to visit my brother in 1985 and stayed.” Mr. Gama had a degree from the University of Guadalajara in Economics and when he came here he studied electronics at the adult school, Cabrillo College, and received other electronics training. Finally, along with some partners, he opened his own electronics business called Gapeko Electronics, which he still owns. When his brother lost his job, Mr. Gama decided to make another career step and open his own Bakery.

“I got into the baking business by accident,” Mr. Gama laughed, “when I came to the El Pájaro CDC for advice one of the consultants said that there was a bakery available to buy.” Mr. Gama and his brother decided to give it a chance. “I didn’t know anything about baking,” Mr. Gama said, “but I learned.” He received help with a loan, financed the business by selling a house, passed inspections, and opened Gama’s Bakery in 2004. Though it has been hard for him, Gama’s Bakery is doing very well, so much so that he has opened another Gama’s Bakery in Salinas. “Now we are working to develop healthier recipes,” Mr. Gama said, “we have whole wheat breads and want to offer healthier choices in an effort to make our business Green. We have fruits and will soon offer 100% organic menu items.” Mr. Gama has customers from all over the area and seeks to give them the best quality baked goods along with healthy choices.

Gama’s Bakery @ Plaza Vigil, 429 Union Street