Glamour Cuts

When Lucy Anguiano was growing up in Guanajuato, México with her mother she longed to be able to attend Beauty School and learn how to cut hair and apply make-up as a professional. Unfortunately, the town that she lived in at the time was far away from the city and from any school. She would have had to take a bus to a school hours away. Ms. Anguiano didn’t get a chance to go to school or open her own business until after living in Watsonville for many years.

Ms. Anguiano had a friend who told her about the opportunity to study at a Beauty College in Salinas. She took the opportunity to go to the school; “I always liked studying,” she said. After getting her beauty license she started cutting hair at local salons but always had the desire to open her own Beauty Salon. She worked for several years at other salons before she had the opportunity to buy Glamour Cuts, a business already established in Plaza Vigil. “I love doing everything in the salon,” Ms. Anguiano said, “from cutting hair to applying make-up to dying hair.”

Ms. Anguiano’s life changed quite a bit after she opened her own business. She says that she is freer to do what she wants now but that the business has added a lot of responsibilities to her daily life. “I thought that opening my own business would be easier,” she said, “but now that I have my own business I understand that it needs a lot of work. There are rules for work, requirements such as coming to the meetings and taking business classes. It takes a lot of time.” Ms. Anguiano is grateful for the opportunity to have her own business and serve customers. “I like doing everything that I do,” she said.

Ms. Anguiano has taken several business classes and used the business consulting services of the El Pájaro CDC. She says that the main thing she has learned is how to treat her customers. “A smile is worth more than a thousand languages,” she said. She also knows more about the administrative aspects of running a business. “Before I didn’t know anything about accounting, now I have learned more about that.” Ms. Anguiano is looking forward to growing her business and increasing her client base.

Glamour Cuts @ Plaza Vigil, 23 E Beach Street Suite 106