La Tapatia Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz are originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico and have been in Watsonville for 25 years. “We came to Watsonville to find better opportunities and improve our lifestyle,” they said. After 25 years they now own the La Tapatia Restaurant in Prunedale and two Catering Trucks in Pájaro. The La Tapatia Restaurant offers authentic Mexican food and the Catering Trucks sell small, authentic Mexican tacos.

Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz first worked in a Nursery when they arrived in Watsonville. He packaged flowers and she worked in the Nursery’s field. “After we had our second child I wanted to be able to be with my children all the time,” Mrs. Ruiz said, “that’s when we got the idea to start our own restaurant.” They had already been selling food at the Nursery where they worked, and they decided to put their effort full time into the Catering trucks that they placed adjacent to farms and in Pájaro. “People had been telling me that my food was good, I always cooked for a big family even though my own family is very small.”

Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz first came to the El Pájaro CDC to get help with opening their Restaurant, La Tapatia, in 2005. They had seen that the business in Prunedale was for sale and were interested in having more security, a better place to cook their food, and a permanent location to serve their customers. “El Pájaro CDC helped us with everything we needed to start the La Tapatia Restaurant,” Mrs. Ruiz said, “they helped with the idea for the business, with the property and paperwork issues, and with connecting with the bank, filling out the paperwork and getting a loan.” Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz took business training classes and also obtained technical support from El Pájaro CDC consultants.

Knowing how important it is to keep a business vibrant, Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz are remodeling the menu and plates for La Tapatia Restaurant with the help of a Chef consultant that El Pájaro CDC helped to find. The new menu will revive the types of foods that they offer and help them to offer additional menu items. “We are thankful to the El Pájaro CDC for all their help. They are good people and they always treat us like family,” Mrs. Ruiz said.