Lila Zamora helps people to overcome their sicknesses through the use of herbs and natural medicines in her store Nutri-Natural in the Plaza Vigil. She sells all-natural, non-chemical vitamins, minerals, plants, herbs, and face and hair cleaning products. She has built relationships with doctors in the area who refer clients to her shop for ideas on natural supplements and Ms. Zamora helps them find herbs that will help with their particular sickness.

Ms. Zamora first came to Watsonville in the 1980s to work in agriculture fields. She worked in the strawberry fields until she was able to open her Nutri-Natural business. Ms. Zamora first bought and opened the shop for her sister who needed a job and was interested in the business. Later on Ms. Zamora quit her job working in the strawberry fields to take on the business as a full time endeavor.

Ms. Zamora has been interested in herbs and natural medicines ever since she was a little girl in Michoacán, México. Her mother was well known in her Mexican hometown as an unofficial “doctor” who helped people to overcome sickness through the use of herbs and natural ingredients. Her mother never took payment for her work or for her advice, but she always had the good feeling that she was helping people. When Ms. Zamora opened her retail store Nutri-Natural in Plaza Vigil she was finally able to follow in her mother’s footsteps. “People would go to my mother and they would be cured, and my mother would feel good,” Ms. Zamora said, “I wanted to help people the way my mother helped people. I feel good when someone tells me that they are better because of the herb I recommended.”

El Pájaro CDC has assisted Ms. Zamora in understanding how to run her business. “I have taken several classes,” she said, “every class is different. I learned how to help clients better and how to communicate and collaborate with other businesses.” Ms. Zamora refers clients to other stores in Plaza Vigil and that clients are often referred to her. “We have communication between the businesses.” In the future Ms. Zamora is eager to become a distributor of all kinds of new herbs and minerals to the local stores in Santa Cruz County that specialize in this type of product.

Nutri Natural @ Plaza Vigil 27 E. Beach Street, Watsonville