RVS Technology Group

Ricardo Rocha has been fascinated by the concept of computers his whole life. When he came to Watsonville from Michoacán, Mexico in 1991 he continued his education in computers at Cabrillo College while looking for rewarding types of work in the computer industry. “I worked everywhere I could to continue to support my night schooling,” Mr. Rocha said, “I had a total of eight jobs during the time I studied. Once I opened my business I had to give up formal schooling, but not learning.” Mr. Rocha opened his computer technology business in 1998, at first working out of a small office and then moving into a store-front location at the El Pájaro CDC’s Plaza Vigil.

After a period of two years Mr. Rocha expanded his business and moved out of the Plaza Vigil Incubator building into his own store location in Watsonville. “El Pájaro CDC provided me with a lot of information needed to keep my small business going and to visualize new horizons as well,” Mr. Rocha said, “I learned about management, customer service, basic concepts of accounting, cash flow, inventory, control and advertisement.” Mr. Rocha’s business has been successful in the new location, allowing his customer base to grow. He now has a staff of five people trained in IT technical support.

“We provide computer technology solutions to organizations without an internal IT department,” Mr. Rocha said, “our primary goal is to provide the same service that an internal IT department would offer, but better, faster, more efficiently, and for a fraction of the price.” Mr. Rocha focuses on keeping up to date with new technologies so that he can serve his customers more efficiently. His business is associated with important technology companies; he is a Microsoft Certified Partner, an HP Business Partner, a Lenovo Business Partner, and a Fujitsu Authorized Reseller.

Mr. Rocha attributes his successes to being his own business owner. “I have been able to better understand the individual responsibilities that we all have,” he says, “I have also learned that making excuses does not solve problems. Problems will occur whether you have a business or not, it is just life. The business has helped me to confront my problems instead of running away from them. I love taking this approach to the personal level as well.” Mr. Rocha plans to continue his dedication to technology by expanding his business Operations Department which he says “will be a step closer to franchising, which is the ultimate goal.”

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